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Letter: U.S. must reclaim world leader status

Letter: U.S. must reclaim world leader status

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Our nation must reclaim world leader status

China, Russia, North Korea and Iran are licking their chops as the U.S. has become the historical Rome of the 21st century over the last 50 years. While we Americans bicker over ridiculous political differences and a myriad of other issues which will never be solved without compromise, our adversaries are building weapons of mass destruction and armies which now far exceed our abilities to fully defend ourselves.

Our country is no longer the leader in space exploration nor can we produce products without assistance from China and other countries for parts and less expensive production personnel. Even our Christmas season is dependent on others for presents under the tree. The list of items we are dependent on others for is boundless and alarming.

As a new year approaches, let us all hope and pray that our country wakes up, faces reality and reclaims our position as a world leader—the world leader. Our mutual futures depend on our willingness to compromise and become united once again, as we were following World War II.

With fewer than 1 percent of the nation’s population willing or able to serve in our military, we subject ourselves to dangers from the outside world which are difficult to fathom and which we tend to ignore or pretend don’t exist. I can only imagine what would happen if the draft of young people was brought back to defend our country from an adversary.

Wake up, America! We don’t have any time left to prepare for a future which will include our leadership in the free world!

Michael Blake Goodin



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