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LETTER: Wittman's explanation is baloney

LETTER: Wittman's explanation is baloney

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Wittman’s explanation is pure baloney

I can’t tell if Representative Rob Wittman’s Dec. 27 op-ed justifying his signing of the Texas amicus brief was disingenuous, ignorant or satirical. Did he even read the relevant Texas filing before he signed the amicus brief?

Does he seriously think that a request to the Supreme Court to disregard the voters in four states is good for our district or for the U.S.?

If he sincerely thought that “the constitutional authority of state legislatures was simply usurped” by changing election procedures during a pandemic, then this issue should have been raised before the election and not limited to just four states won by President-elect Joe Biden.

One shouldn’t whine about unfair rules after losing the contest.

Rep. Wittman cites the 2005 Senate challenge to the Ohio electors as if it were the same issue. The leader of the House members who initiated that challenge explicitly stated they were not trying to overturn the election of the Republican president, but as a symbol to call attention to voting fairness.

Rep. Wittman states that “we cannot be afraid of asking the tough questions,” and I agree.

Let’s start with why are we having this discussion and filing lame court documents after every investigative agency and court that has looked into the matter has found no significant wrongs or malfeasance?

Here’s another question: If “it is critical for our republic to restore the confidence of all Americans in our electoral processes,” then how about our leaders reporting that this election was secure and fair rather than fanning flames?

Or, if our leaders sincerely believe there was fraud and malfeasance, then why don’t they show the evidence and provide remedies?

Here’s another hard question: How about treating your constituents with respect, Rep. Wittman, rather than spinelessly offering them baloney?

Robert Jobrack


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