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LETTER: Americans must learn to work together

LETTER: Americans must learn to work together

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Americans must learn to work together

Is it just me, or are we living in an episode of “The Walking Dead”? A deadly virus has spread, and we all may be “carriers.” It must be affecting our brains.

If I were to talk about “that old white guy running for president who has said some really crazy things, has a history of offensive behavior with women, and makes Ronald Reagan look like a kid when he ran,” you really couldn’t be sure which candidate I was talking about.

Is this really the best America has to offer?

People are calling to “defund the police,” yet crimes and shootings are rising, and people in the poorest communities affected the most are asking for more police presence.

Instead of defunding, we need to be figuring out how to better fund police so they are better trained, and so that there are more social workers and counselors going out with police to deal with people with mental health or drug issues.

My friend Gay Plack was shot and killed last year in her own home by Henrico County police who were sent to check on her welfare during a mental health crisis. There were no protests. Did her life not matter because she was a middle-aged white woman?

Until all white people can say “Black Lives Matter,” and all Black people can say “ALL lives matter,” we will continue to be divided, and no healing or problem solving can take place.

We have seen what happens when organizers plan peaceful rallies, only to have them taken over by those with intent to burn, loot and injure. Without a police presence, there is no one to stop them, and more innocent lives are destroyed.

We can fight this pandemic, and we can fight hate, but only if—like the survivors in “The Walking Dead”—we learn to work together.

Bruce Levy


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