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LETTER: Cost of Clean Energy Act overblown

LETTER: Cost of Clean Energy Act overblown

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Editorial inflates cost of Clean Energy Act

The Free Lance–Star’s recent editorial, [“Bad time for $50/month energy tax,” May 14] was just this paper’s latest in a series of shortsighted tirades against clean energy and efforts to address the climate crisis.

The first mistake the editorial board made was trusting Dominion Energy at its word. Our state’s biggest electric monopoly has a long history of writing misleading Integrated Resource Plans with large dollar signs attached to them. These plans are intended more to attract investors on Wall Street than to actually provide information about the utility’s future plans.

The Virginia Clean Economy Act is a bold blueprint to move the commonwealth away from harmful fossil fuels and toward clean, carbon-free electricity. This legislation was created with consumers’ wallets in mind, which is why it contains important ratepayer safeguards intended to prevent the type of spikes that Dominion claims are around the corner.

Additionally, the VCEA requires Dominion to first invest in energy efficiency before it is able to build large, expensive infrastructure to drive its profit margins and inflate our electric bills.

Early estimates actually predict that the VCEA will assist in our economy’s recovery at a time when it’s desperately needed through creation of new markets, new jobs and investments in cost-saving energy efficiency—all of which has clearly not been taken into account.

An aggressive and bold transition to renewable energy, which the VCEA sets us up for, could generate as many as 13,000 new jobs every year.

The climate crisis demands bold solutions, and the VCEA delivers. Without a rapid transition away from fossil fuels, climate change will only worsen and no Virginian will be spared from its impacts economically or socially. We sincerely hope The Free Lance–Star will begin giving its readers a fuller picture on energy policy and climate change.

Julie Kay,

Climate Reality Project

Amanda Stebbins,

Fossil Free Fredericksburg

Asst. Prof. Pamela Grothe,

UMW Earth & Environmental Sciences Dept.

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