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LETTER: One-sided coverage of impeachment inquiry

LETTER: One-sided coverage of impeachment inquiry

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One-sided coverage of impeachment inquiry

After watching hours of the sham “impeachment inquiry,” I waited for the nightly news to see what they would report. Incredibly, they would always key in on damning testimony provided by the selected “witnesses” from each morning’s Democrat-led questioning.

They never reported the conclusions of the Republican-led afternoon questioning, which consistently shredded the earlier testimonies and proved, by the inevitable admission of every single so-called witness, that none of them had any firsthand knowledge of anything.

This undermining fact—seeping into even the dullest intellect on the committee—inspired this stupefyingly stupid quote from Democrat Mike Quigley: “Hearsay can be much better evidence than direct … ”

Completely ignoring Deep State operative and Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden—on video—bragging at a Council on Foreign Relations gathering about how he threatened to withhold $1.6 billion in foreign aid to Ukraine unless they fired the prosecutor investigating his son, Hunter, and the company Hunter was paid over $3 million to sit on as a board member, an overt and obvious “quid pro quo,” they turned their lies and smears against President Trump.

As the parade of smug, self-satisfied, “intellectual elites” who make up our diplomatic corps testified, their hatred for President Trump and those of us who voted for him was clear. Yet, it is much more than their loathing of fly-over-state Americans.

Decades of unmitigated criminality on the verge of being exposed by a non-Deep State president has spread terror in their ranks.

Catherine Crãbill


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