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LETTER: The U.S. is a failed state

LETTER: The U.S. is a failed state

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The U.S. is another failed authoritarian state

As apologists add their voices in the aftermath of protest over George Floyd’s death, they are saying we all just need to respect the law and the flag. But they choose, refuse or fail to understand what they are really asking.

They are really asking that everyone just be silent and keep pretending to maintain the delusion that the law and the flag represent respect and justice for all in a proud and successful state.

Some historians question whether we on the verge of becoming a failed authoritarian state that abuses its citizens for the benefit of a select few. The true question we must face is, what are we going to do about this reality?

There is a videotape of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin killing a man. But it took weeks for him even to be arrested, and it is being debated if he will be punished by the justice system. Yet the authoritarian regime of this country encourages immediate shooting as punishment during protest.

We are a failed state because too many in positions of political leadership allow the law to be used as a tool to control the economically and socially disadvantaged.

We are a failed state because too many of the economically disadvantaged accept the dominance of the socially advantaged, instead of demanding change to the economic structure.

We are a failed state because too many of the country’s shrinking middle class are willing to pay for survival with silent tolerance of injustice.

The protests will subside, but they will not end until the law and the flag respect justice for all. And the U.S. will be a failed state until we make that our reality.

Richard Coleman


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