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LETTER: What are you voting for?

LETTER: What are you voting for?

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What are you voting for in November?

Several letters have recently been published supporting the Democrat ticket that expressed no plan for America, only that President Trump is bad and Joe Biden is a nice guy.

I’m not voting Republican just for Trump, but because I want to protect the First and Second Amendments. I’m voting for the republic we live in, the Electoral College, and for our jobs to remain in the U.S.

I’m voting for law and order and respect for our police and military, who protect our country. I’m voting against human trafficking and slave labor in China.

I’m voting for the American flag and for freedom of religion. I’m voting against rioting and looting and the groups that endorse this behavior.

I’m voting for the unborn who have the right to live and for all Christians who feel the same. My vote is not just for one person, but for my country, and to preserve freedom for my children and grandchildren.

So what are you voting for? For the candidate who lied about his law scholarship and class ranking, and whose staff paid bail for the felons in Minnesota?

The one with dozens of plagiarisms who thinks that weather satellites orbit at a million miles out, who stated that 6,000 of our military died from COVID rather than the actual number (7)?

Or maybe you don’t mind an additional $4 trillion in taxes and the U.S. losing 5 million jobs.

Vote for Biden and the Green New Deal if you hate our energy independence, your car, electricity, your cell phone, TV and all the other things that make life comfortable.

If you want the U.S. to be like Venezuela, China or Cuba, then vote for Biden. You’ll get a president who has to use a teleprompter to speak to anyone.

John W. Powell


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