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LETTER: What we can expect if Biden wins

LETTER: What we can expect if Biden wins

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What we can expect if Biden is elected

Do you want free education, free health care, free social services, defunding the police, open borders and free money (if you can’t or don’t want to work)?

Well, you may very well get your wish. However, now is the time to look at the consequences of these policies. Who will pay for all of these “free to all” programs?

It will be you. Someone has to come up with the money to fund the trillions of dollars these socialist programs will cost.

The rich won’t pay because they will leave the country (along with their job- creating companies) as they did during the Obama years. The poor aren’t going to pay either.

So that leaves the middle class. Blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asians and any other group that has managed to struggle through all the chaos and work hard to earn a living will be expected to “share” their hard-earned dollars with the rest of the world (not just U.S. citizens) in the name of social justice.

That’s right, even the liberals will be paying through the nose for all of these programs.

Have you worked hard your whole life to achieve a certain level of security? Once the extreme left is in power (and it will be if Biden wins), you can kiss that goodbye.

The Democrats are a party of “Never Enough.” No matter what you give them, they always want more. If you think there is chaos and violence in the streets now, wait until November.

I, for one, am scared. We all should be as we watch the anarchists take over. A Biden presidency will do nothing but promote the Marxist agenda.

Ed Kerr


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