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Patriot Subs




About Patriot Subs

COVID-19 Specific Information and Services

Patriot Subs in Fredericksburg located at Eagle Village is open for business. We provide Door Dash, and Grubhub delivery along with phone-in/curbside delivery. We also offer Gift card. You can order a gift card over the phone and we will mail it to you or you can come in and purchase.

With the increasing growth and concerns of the CORONA Virus, we would like to share with you the actions Patriot Subs has taken since Tuesday March 10th, on top of our already rigid cleaning policies.

• Posted to the window, and throughout the shop are signs explaining the protective procedures we are taking to help protect our valued customer and staff members.
o Table and chairs are sanitized after each use
o Bathrooms are sanitized after each use
o We will fill you fountain drinks for you as well as your free refills

• You will see all employees while working behind the counter wearing face mask and gloves and while sanitizing tables chairs and bathrooms.

• What you may not see is the extra care we take behind the scenes.
o With every delivery we receive, we sanitize the product packaging. From that point on, the product will never again be touched by bare hands.
o All our equipment, work surfaces, utensils, bins, trays and anything we use is sanitized in accordance with strict health department rules.

These are just a few examples of the added precautions we are taking to provide a safe eating environment for our valued customer.

Patriot Subs strives to provide the highest quality of foods, along with our outstanding customer services. We hope our proactive approach wins your confidence in us. “We are in this Together”.



Patriot Subs is a newly formed sandwich shop focused on providing quality products, while creating an atmosphere focused on promoting Patriotism and Pride.

We are excited to launch our new Patriotic themed sandwich shop focused on quality food and showcasing patriotism in the Fredericksburg area! Patriot Subs Eagle Village location will be the first of many stores to provide quality Boars Head products, which will be followed by other locations in Virginia and Florida in the coming years.

Patriot Subs opened in September. It feature Subs, sandwiches, salads and sides made from the freshest quality ingredients available.

Patriot Subs is locate in the building at Eagle Village directly across from the Hyatt Place hotel and is a convenient option for UMW students and hospital staff.

Patriot Subs Corporate Background:

Patriot Subs was founded in 2019 by two Serviced-Disabled Army Veterans focused on providing value to the community and supporting Military Relief and Wounded Veteran Organizations. Patriot Subs serves made-to-order sandwiches, wraps, salads and sides using high quality products. The atmosphere is fun, family friendly and educational. As part of their nonprofit, Patriot Subs will soon provide customers the ability to participate in their “Round-up-for-Hero’s Program”. The concept is simple, give a little back to those who sacrifice so much for the nation and the community.

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