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Andrew Jackson

We should have currency in our pockets that reflects the values in our hearts. As White House press secretary Jen Psaki said, “It’s important that our money reflect the history and diversity of our country.”

While liberals bask in the blinding glow of superficial identity politics, patting themselves on the back for replacing villainous former President Andrew Jackson, conservatives can also celebrate this choice by looking beyond Harriet Tubman’s color to celebrate her life and deeds.

Within days, Trump will have to prove that any crimes and lapses warped state counts enough to have wrongly elected Joe Biden president. Trump realistically has perhaps a week or so left to make his case or concede.

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Tubman died on March 10, 1913, in Auburn, New York. It's the reason the U.S. celebrates her achievements on this day. Before her death, she underwent brain surgery because of the head injuries she sustained early in her life.

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