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Bald Eagle

A flock of gulls takes to the air above Accokeek Creek near the Crow’s Nest canoe/kayak launch in Stafford County on a recent Friday afternoon.


A bald eagle roosts in a tree above Patawomeck Band Memorial Park near Aquia Landing in Stafford County on Jan. 15. Warm, wet weather last wee…

The snow geese arrive every fall by the tens of thousands, great, honking flocks of brilliant white birds with black-tipped wings. By the time they set down, they've flown thousands of miles from the Arctic reaches of Canada and Alaska to winter with countless other travelers on the Eastern Shore. Regal tu∆ndra swans forage next to tiny, green-winged teal. Bobbing buffleheads mingle with northern shovelers.


A crowd watches as Ed Clark, president of the Wildlife Center of Virginia, releases a female bald eagle into Caledon State Park in King George…

The 13 bald eagles were found lifeless on a Maryland farm more than two years ago, many with wings splayed, bodies intact, and talons clenched. Several were too young to have their species' distinctive white heads. And at least six, according to a federal lab report, had ingested a highly toxic pesticide that has been essentially banned from the U.S. market, in part because it is lethal to birds.

A pair of bald eagles roost on a snag under a light rain along State Route 3 in King George County on Wednesday. Forecasters expect the rain t…

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