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Virginia voters overwhelmingly voted for a redistricting commission that was above all independent and free to draw district lines provided they were roughly equal in size, were not racially discriminatory and followed the requirements of federal law and the Virginia Constitution. But lawmakers apparently had other ideas.

The Fredericksburg region is far more healthy than much of Virginia. Every county touching the North Carolina state line and every one in Southwest Virginia west of Montgomery County had fewer residents in 2020 than it did a decade earlier. If you think population growth equals progress, though, the future doesn’t look quite as bright. We have, to put it simply, a baby shortage, here.

As the preliminary 2020 census results continue to trickle out, one statistic may be surprising. The numbers are certain to show that the second-largest racial category in the United States after "white" is “other.” And upwards of 97 percent of those who self-classify as “other” will in all probability be Latinos.

The Supreme Court recently decided to hear Trump v. New York, a case challenging the Trump administration’s decision to exclude undocumented immigrants from the 2020 census counts that would be used in apportioning House seats. There are important issues on which the Constitution is vague. But not in this case. The constitutional text is clear and the Trump administration’s position is wrong.

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