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While a car driver could get a lawyer or file a claim themselves in small claims court for property damage caused by an aggressive cyclist, many cyclists are going to be very close to judgment-proof. And practically speaking, it’s just not going to be worth the time to pursue a claim even if there is some damage to the vehicle.

The existing four-foot trail was originally designed to provide a safe walking path for elementary school students attending Conway Elementary, who do not qualify for county bus service. Removing the protective fence to accommodate cyclists merely transfers the safety risk from cyclists to schoolchildren and pedestrians, but does not eliminate it

The Virginia Senate voted to require motorists to change lanes when passing bicyclists if three feet of distance isn’t possible. It also voted to let cyclists ride side by side in a lane. What the Senate did not do was let cyclists yield instead of coming to a complete stop at stop signs where no other traffic has the right of way.

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