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George Zimmerman

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What a seismic difference a trial has made to public and media perceptions of Kyle Rittenhouse. When he was charged at age 17 with shooting three men, two fatally, during racial unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last year, various media accounts described him as a rifle-toting white supremacist who drove across the border to shoot Black Lives Matters protesters in the racial unrest that followed ...

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Finally, we’re gonna see some Florida justice and I’m not talking about the momma from “Good Times” (her name was “Florida”, right?). What happens next for George Zimmerman is for a court to decide. People can keep debating, but the outcome should be respected…even by those who aren’t going to

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Racism and prejudice is alive and well in America. I’m constantly reminded of this, especially when I do a cartoon about Islam and people comment in the blog about how Muslims can’t be trusted. But even black and white relations, which we fought over for over one hundred years, is

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I think the “Stand Your Ground” laws are pretty stupid. They state that you can shoot someone if you feel threatened? That’s just basically saying you can shoot anyone you damn well please to shoot. And though this law is being used an example of the Trayvon Martin case, I

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