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Racism and prejudice is alive and well in America. I’m constantly reminded of this, especially when I do a cartoon about Islam and people comment in the blog about how Muslims can’t be trusted. But even black and white relations, which we fought over for over one hundred years, is

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After the entire country freaked out over Janet Jackson’s “wadrobe malfuction”, Europe was wondering why America was so uptight and collectively said to themselves “over a nipple?”. We manufacture outrages in this country. The singer M.I.A. flashed the finger during the Super Bowl halftime show and America is freaking out.

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I read a quote recently that righties will find something to get the night sweats over on a daily basis. True. The government’s going socialist. They’re taking over health care. Obama was born in Kenya. Hell, they even use teleprompters to inform us Obama is orchestrating some evil socialist agenda

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