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For small-business owners, failure isn’t an option — it’s a reality. For example, consider the roughly 733,000 businesses that launched in the U.S. in the year leading up to March…

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When you think about holiday shopping, your mind probably goes to big-box retailers before your neighborhood bookstore or antique shop. But in a time marked by widespread supply chain disruptions and inflation, underdog small businesses deserve our attention.

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Owning a business is a multifaceted challenge. You’re responsible for keeping your clients happy and your employees motivated. Plus, you also need to protect your revenue while simultaneously covering payroll…

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The pandemic isn’t crushing the entrepreneurial spirit. It’s fueling it. People normally tied to a desk or working double shifts used lockdown to launch side hustles, often out of necessity.…

The Biden administration’s blatant attempt to force workers into unions could further drive up costs for taxpayers and consumers, limit job growth, and make it harder for workers to achieve the flexible workplace policies they increasingly desire.

Consumers need to be more proactive in protecting themselves against fraud and spam calls by using new spam detection services offered by major telecommunications companies.

For the past two years, I and my fellow Republicans in the House of Delegates have had a front row seat to the parade of far-left delegates pushing their radical progressive wish list through the General Assembly and straight to the governor’s desk to be signed into law without pause. These bills have wreaked havoc on Virginia’s economy, our small businesses, and local communities.

Property crime is not usually considered a pressing issue, but recent evidence shows that it can destroy lives, close businesses, and hurt marginalized communities. As mayors all across America prepare for a summer surge in crime, they should certainly focus on abating violence, but they should also be careful not to neglect the criminal property damage that’s deeply affecting neighborhoods and communities.

When it comes to serving the common interests of Virginia’s First Congressional District, there is no one better for the job that Rep. Rob Wittman. In a time of such divisive and hateful rhetoric, Congressman Wittman’s his cool and calm demeanor sets him apart and allows him to get the job done where others can’t.

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