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Keeping Your Mobility Afloat: Aquatic Therapy with Fusion Rehab and Wellness

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Keeping Your Mobility Afloat: Aquatic Therapy with Fusion Rehab and Wellness

Traditional physical therapy works for a lot of folks. But, unfortunately, for some it just doesn’t.

Before throwing in the towel and/or giving up hope completely, there is another stellar option out there: Aquatic therapy.

Select patients may experience pain with traditional forms of rehabilitation, struggling to stand up, walk, or make progress in a land environment. Aquatic therapy can be a complete gamechanger for these patients, affording them buoyancy (in which 60 percent of body weight is taken off), warmth (which reduces pain and skin sensitivity) and reduced swelling, via hydrostatic pressure.

This method of therapy may be optimal for patients with mobility issues, painful hips, weakened limbs after a stroke, those experiencing pain after back surgery, fibromyalgia and more.

With a dedicated aquatic therapy regimen, patients can ultimately tolerate more land-based activities and ease into a traditional physical therapy routine. It serves as a meaningful bridge for patients and, after all, the best prescription for so many is movement and exercise.

Fusion Rehab and Wellness, comprised of a team of nearly 20 across three Fredericksburg-area locations, specializes in aquatic therapy (including a veteran-led program) as well as other services including, pelvic health rehabilitation, vestibular rehab, prosthetic rehab and more.

Dr. Travis H. Stoner, PT, DPT, COMT leads the Fusion Rehab and Wellness team and has deep ties to the area and region. After receiving a Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Physical Therapy from Shenandoah University, he rose to the position of Director of Aquatic Physical Therapy with Winchester Rehabilitation Center.

Since, he has also served as an assistant professor within Shenandoah University’s Division of Physical Therapy and has conducted physical screenings of officer candidates at Quantico. Currently, Dr. Stoner is a fellow with the American Academy of Physical Therapy – in which one percent of practitioners are nationwide – and he also teaches continuing education classes through the U.S. via Maitland Australian Physiotherapy Seminars.

Dr. Stoner opened Fusion Rehab and Wellness in 2017 and takes pride in his team’s tailored, fluid approach with each patient. Among the practice’s accolades, it was voted the No. 1 rehab service in the Fredericksburg area in the Free Lance-Star’s annual “Best of the Burg” competition.

Fusion Rehab and Wellness has three offices throughout the Greater Fredericksburg Region, located in Spotsylvania (4701 Spotsylvania Pkwy. #106), Lee’s Hill (10340 Spotsylvania Ave. #201) and Fredericksburg (212 Butler Road). For more information on the practice and its services visit

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