POTOMAC RIVER: Reel Bass Adventures reports water conditions are great and bass fishing is good. Top water is always good for bass along marsh banks, pad fields or grass beds. Buzz baits, whopper ploppers and chuggers will all draw strikes. Inside edges of grass beds have bass that like small spinner baits or chatter baits as well as hard jerk baits. Follow up with large plastic worms. The center of grass beds produce bass that like large worms, creature baits and jig-and-craw combos. Decent-size yellow perch also occupy grass beds.

LAKE ANNA: McCotter’s Lake Anna Guide Service reports water temps in the mid-80s. Bass anglers should target schooled fish from Route 208 down to the power plant with soft plastic jerkbaits and topwater plugs as well as off-shore structure like rocks and brush mid and up lake with crankbaits and worms.The best schooling spots are next to 40 feet of water. The best off shore spots tend to consist of natural cover. Tune up your depth finder and start looking for striper from Rose Valley to the mouth of Sturgeon Creek. The fish will feed on the surface from dawn to about 7:30 a.m., then school deep (25-35 feet). Live bait will catch them but keeping the bait alive and away from catfish is difficult. Crappie have moved deep (15-25 feet) Bridge pilings, deep brush, channel edges and cool tributaries offer the best action.

LAKE ORANGE: Darrell Kennedy of Anglers Landing (540/623-6011) reports water temperature in the mid-80s and stained. Bass are being caught on topwaters and soft plastics. Crappie are being caught on small minnows in 8-12 feet of water. Catfish have been caught on chicken livers and live bait. A few walleye have been caught on nightcrawlers and minnows worked along rocky areas down lake near the dam.

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