RAPPAHANNOCK RIVER: Chris Hicks reports the water remains muddy near Port Royal. Anglers had some success with catfish and small bass last weekend, but recent downpours have scuttled their efforts. Anglers have given up bowhunting snakefish because of the conditions.

POTOMAC RIVER: Reel Bass Adventures advises finding areas with clearer waters and use a variety of baits on a variety of cover for bass up to 5 pounds. The early morning or low light top water bite remains strong when poppers or frogs are used over and around grasses. Plastic worms, either very large or very small, will produce bass from grass cover or hard cover. Spinner baits worked through openings along grass edges draw hard strikes. Bridge pilings in D.C. waters have bass that like a small deep-diving crank bait.

LAKE ANNA: Carlos Wood reports the lake has cooled to the mid-80s, so there’s an early-morning largemouth bass topwater bite around docks and points. By 10 a.m. the fish start to move back into deeper water and hold on points and drop-offs. Fish main lake points, bridges, and deep structure 15-20 feet deep, using big worms. Trolling is the method of choice for striped bass in 25-35 feet of water around Pigeon Creek, Rose Valley/Big Ben and in front of the park using deep Redfins. Live bait works well in the mornings. Crappie fishing is slow. Uplake bridge pilings and deep brush piles are your best choice on 2-inch grubs and small minnows.

LAKE ORANGE: No report.

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