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James Pierce

James Pierce

Anybody who wants the shots has likely already had them.

Anybody who hasn't had them now has every opportunity to do so.

It's beyond time to leave everybody else alone.

James Pierce

In fairness, Mr. Johnston did correct himself in a later column.

James Pierce

James Pierce commented on Letter: Biden is doing a fine job

It seems as though you and I have vastly different definitions of the word "fine".

James Pierce

I suspect that it may have to do with the fact that those parking lots are on private property, as opposed to a city street, much the same way that a meter maid cannot enter your private property to inspect your plates.

James Pierce

As a teacher and parent, I will be the first to tell you that virtual learning was an unmitigated disaster.

Despite what certain failed gubernatorial candidates seem to believe, parents who are worth their salt already have involvement in their children's education.

James Pierce

Yes, I'm sure everybody will love coming out of a store to find strangers taking pictures of their cars and license plates. What could possibly go wrong?

James Pierce

You may have a different definition of the word "substantial" than I do

In a high school where everyone is the correct age for their grade:

-Nobody in freshman year is an adult

-Nobody in sophomore year is an adult

-Nobody in junior year is an adult

-Some peo…

James Pierce

Well, people between the ages of 13 and 17 inclusive are not adults, so there's only one other option for what to call them.

James Pierce

I know for a fact it isn't a real name. Fans of "King of the Hill" will get the reference.

James Pierce

I don't understand what any of this has to do with the topic at hand.

Does the fact that none of what happens is being condoned make the material somehow less vulgar?

I don't care who the book is geared toward. There are people in high school as young as 13 years old. Are you …

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